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      Water is very vital to the health of our bodies which is why we should have access to clean, pure drinking water at all times. Medical experts suggest that the average person needs about a half-gallon of water a day to maintain normal and healthy hydration levels as well as keeping kidneys and other organs working properly.

      Why You Should Filter Your Water

      Even if you live in a town or city with drinking water deemed safe, filtering water can still be greatly beneficial. Cities put chlorine in their water to kill off harmful bacteria, and a water filter will remove the chlorine and other chemicals. Researchers have examined water from many different cities under microscopes and have discovered contaminants such as lead, traces of pharmaceuticals, and even sewage and trash particles that have leaked into the ground from landfills. Filtered water also tastes better and smells better, too. Below are several ways to filter water in your home.

      Faucet Mounted Filtration Systems

      Faucet mounted water filtration systems are probably the most popular used filtering methods used in households. One of the greatest advantages of these systems is their price. You can easily purchase one of these systems for under a hundred bucks. Another great advantage of these systems is that they are easily installed and maintained without help from an expert. Filters for these systems generally allow for at least one hundred gallons of water to be filtered before needing to be replaced. Filters are generally very economical and cost between eight to fifteen dollars.

      Filtering Water Pitchers

      Another great option is water pitchers with a filtration system built into them. These are great because all you do is fill the pitcher with faucet water and that’s it. You can easily place the pitcher in your refrigerator. The main advantage of these is that they are priced very reasonably along with the filters. They are also portable as well. One filter generally allows for a couple of hundred gallons of water to be filtered before needing to be replaced. More information can be found on this website.

      Under The Sink Filtration Systems

      Under the sink systems are generally considered to be the best at removing the most contaminates and providing purer and tastier drinking water. These are great for large households that use a lot of drinking water. These systems can be a little pricier than faucet mounts, and you made need to hire a plumber for the install.

      Bottled Water

      Of course, bottled water can always be purchased from the grocery store. You can purchase spring water or purified waters that come in many different sizes and packs to fit your needs. These are great cause they can easily be grabbed on the go.

      Watering Stations

      You probably have seen these watering stations at doctor offices or other businesses where you simply take a cup and pour water from a spigot on a box with a giant jug of water on top. You can purchase these same machines for your home, and have the giant jugs of water delivered straight to your door for a monthly fee. The machine plugs into your wall and delivers cold water and sometimes even a hot option is available. You don’t have to deal with lugging water from home or having to install water filters with this option.

      All these options are great ways to get cleaner and purer water into your home where you can drink it often and help achieve your hydration goals.