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      Recycling Commercial Swimming Pool Water

      Due to a large number of bathers, high levels of chlorine injection and our hard water in the San Diego area it can make managing commercial swimming pool water chemistry more challenging. Calcium Hardness (CH), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), salt and Cyanuric Acid (stabilizer) will rise much quicker and cause numerous issues to the pool. Pure Water Industries is a San Diego based Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification company that specializes in working with residential and commercial swimming pool properties. We work well with numerous management companies and are also aware of all the current and ever-changing health department swimming pool requirements and processes. In the past couple of years Cryptosporidium has been in the news more and anytime you have a large number of bathers in a swimming pool there is always the threat. That is why changing out the water in your pool more regularly is always a good idea.

      So what happens when Calcium Hardness (CH) levels rise or if TDS levels are above what is normally recommended?  What happens if you combine high levels of Cyanuric Acid as well? Typically, commercial swimming pools are larger which means if you choose to drain the pool it is a several day process and it means unnecessary downtime for the pool. That’s why we use the Puripool Process which can help with the following:

      • Water Conservation – Pure Water Industries has saved more than 50-million gallons of water.
      • Less Chemical Demand
      • No Down Time – Pool can remain open during treatment which is great for the residents and members
      • The interior finish is never exposed
      • Soft-water swimming experience
      • Better water quality than a drain and refill

      The Puripool Process lowers and removes the following:

      • Calcium Hardness
      • Cyanuric Acid
      • Borates
      • Salt
      • Iron
      • Copper
      • Magnesium
      • Algaecides
      • Sequestering Agents
      • Phosphates
      • Nitrates
      • Bacteria and Viruses (Waterborne Diseases)
      • Total Dissolved Solids

      Just this past week, we have had the opportunity to purify a 100,000-gallon commercial swimming pool.  For the past year, we have been working with the YMCA and had the benefit of purifying the McGrath Family YMCA. Their swimming pools are larger and they struggle with higher levels of salt and TDS. To drain a pool this size it would take more than 3 -5 days and that would also take their swimming pool out of use. That is why The Puripool Process is a much better option because there is no downtime with our service, their members can swim during filtration, and they will conserve approximately 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool.


      Pure Water Industries, the leader in mobile and inline filtration as well as innovative water conservation techniques, offers a variety of different applications to conserve nature’s most precious resource… Water! These techniques are critical during times of drought conditions, disaster relief or wherever pure water is needed.