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      Reverse Osmosis Systems For Emergency Purposes

      Depending on where you live in this world there is the possibility of natural disasters, rolling blackouts, and other emergencies that can affect your water supply. Many individuals like to plan ahead and over the last couple of weeks, we have been approached by individuals who are interested in using Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems to be able to create large amounts of drinking water in case of an emergency. One of the things we love most about producing various sizes of Reverse Osmosis filtration systems is the ability for them to be utilized in a variety of different industries. Our RO systems can be customized to filter anywhere from 400 gallons per day (GPD) all the way up to 100,000 GPD and more. We originally started out in the swimming pool industry but have now been approached by homeowners for whole-house RO systems, the aerospace industry, breweries, medical marijuana, cannabis, and emergency preparedness.

      One of the things we stress at Pure Water Industries is to be able to take almost any body of water to be able to create drinking water. One of the biggest ones that we work with on a daily basis is the swimming pool but there are others we can do as well. About a month ago we were approached by a homeowner who lives in an area where electricity and the water supply could be compromised and they wanted to purchase a system that could be used to produce drinking water from their swimming pool if necessary. In full honesty, the biggest question was how much did they want because as stated above we can produce a variety of sizes. In this case, the homeowner only wanted to produce around 200 GPD or more so we equipped them with one of our 800 GPD shelf mounted system that will successfully take their pool water via a transfer pump into the RO system to lower the salt, Calcium Hardness, TDS, CYA, and other contaminants to produce drinking water in case of an emergency.

      At Pure Water Industries, we pride ourselves on producing RO systems for a variety of needs. Being prepared in an emergency is a great idea and we were happy to be able to manufacture what they needed. If you have any questions about our RO systems and how they can be used, please consider contacting us today!