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      Reverse Osmosis Filtration For Your Swimming Pool

      As a manufacturer of many different types of Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems, we regularly get asked about customizable systems. Back in 2009 when we built our first mobile filtration trailer with the intention of recycling swimming pool water a popular question we got asked was, “When do I have you come back?” Another question we got asked was, “How can I get RO quality water in my pool all the time?” We understand these are valuable questions because when we finish up a swimming pool the Calcium Hardness, TDS, and CYA levels are low and the water quality looks and feels amazing! So, with that said we now have a great option for those looking to have RO quality water in their pools all the time. Introducing, our mini, shelf-mounted system.

      Fill Line RO System/Shelf Mount Reverse Osmosis


      The Fill Line RO System offers a compact design that allows for easy access to components and occupies a minimum footprint. Perfect for light commercial use in all industries, the system offers reliable long-term quality water production in a compact package. Fill Line RO Systems are available in the small to mid-range model sizes of 400, 800, 1,200, and 1,500 gallons per day (GPD) product water output.

      Standard Systems:

      • The frame is stainless steel
      • Membranes are thin-film composite
      • The pump is a positive displacement rotary vane pump
      • Vessels/Filter Housings  are stainless steel
      • Electrical is 110/220V 60Hz 1-phase
      • Valves are feed inlet solenoid valve
      • Switches are low-feed pressure cutout switch
      • Control systems are SS needle valve pressure control

      Options and Accessories:

      • Product storage tanks
      • Atmospheric tank level controls
      • Re-pressurization system
      • UV treatment
      • Pre/post filters and treatment
      • Heavy-duty SS wall mounting brackets
      • Stainless steel pumps
      • Blend valve: Adds filtered water to permeate

      Operating parameters:

      • Nominal/Max Operating Pressure 150/200 psi
      • Feed pH 2-11
      • Feed Chlorination Dechlorination required. if<0.1 ppm
      • Max Feed Temp 113F/45C
      • Max Feed TDS 2500 ppm

      Please note, these systems treat the tap water or auto-fill but they can’t fill up a pool. So, in order to enjoy this quality water all the time is to first have your pool water recycled with our mobile filtration trailer, then install a fill line system so all the hardness minerals are removed and your pool is always filled with RO quality water.

      To learn more about these systems, please contact us today!