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      Recycling Your Swimming Pool Water With Puripool

      About ten years ago we were told that we had to drain our swimming pool due to high Calcium Hardness (CH) and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Wait a quick second, drain a swimming pool with all that water in it? To us, this act of draining a swimming pool seemed crazy! I mean to waste more than 20,000 gallons of water….. That is why we thought that there had to be a much better solution. With a little bit of research and a variety of discussions, the mobile Puripool Process was invented. With the Puripool Process, we can recycle both residential and commercial swimming pool water. Just in the San Diego area, where we operate, there are more than 300,000 swimming pools that deal with hard water issues and their water should be changed every two years to prevent calcium scaling on the tile, the interior finish of the swimming pool, filtration equipment, and challenging water chemistry issues. The best part about the “Puripool Process” is that it’s mobile and can filter pools everywhere. Not to mention, since we use Reverse Osmosis (RO) targeting swimming pools is just the beginning. Our mobile technology has been used in the aerospace industry and with breweries as well.

      If you own a residential or commercial swimming pool, you’re going to deal with calcium, TDS, salts, Cyanuric Acid (CYA), phosphates, nitrates, waterborne diseases and so much more. Eventually, the water will have to be changed, and instead of wasting approximately 20,000 gallons of water by pumping it out and another 20,000 gallons by filling it up with tap water, it’s now possible to recycle the water and conserve roughly 85% of the existing water in the pool! This is a viable option for all swimming pool owners, especially if you are in areas where the drought conditions are high and water conservation is at a premium. It is also a much better solution if you want to swim in the best water quality. In the last ten years, we have conserved more than fifty (50) million gallons of water just by recycling instead of draining swimming pools. We have built more than 25 mobile filtration trailers for our service providers all over the United States.

      In the end, draining a swimming pool is a painstaking task that can take several days and there is always a risk of cracking the foundation of the swimming pool when you empty out all of the water. Depending on where you live, tap water can be extremely hard, to begin with, so why not do your part by conserving the water in your swimming pool, recycling the existing water with RO membranes, and enjoying crisp, clean, and bacteria-free water by hiring one of our service providers to conserve the water in your swimming pool or contacting us to set up an appointment today!