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      When Pure Water Industries. started filtering pools back in 2010 it started with a few swimming pools here and there but as the years have gone by those numbers have increased. Not only that but the size of the pools too. Recently, we had the pleasure of filtering our largest residential pool (107,000 gallons) which propelled us over a total of 7 million gallons of water conserved in the San Diego. We had a vision of a solid product that was not only needed in Southern California but across the U.S. where water conservation is at an all-time high. It pained us to see swimming pool owners drain their pools into the street or storm drains and felt there had to be a solution to this problem.

      A mobile filtration system was built four years ago that was designed to filter swimming pool water and give swimming pool owners an option when they are forced to drain their pools. Over time, swimming pools need to be drained because our fill water is extremely hard. As the water evaporates, the hardness minerals stay behind staining the decorative tile, the liner and literally sucks up chlorine preventing it from working properly. Our goal was to infiltrate the market and provide a solution to wasting all this water.

      Recently, we were called by a local resident in San Diego who was having difficulty with the chemistry in the pool. For them, draining would’ve been a huge proposition because of the size of the swimming pool. Our mobile filtration system can filter about 40,000 gallons of water each day and because of the size of the pool, it took about 70 hours.

      Initial Chemistry –

      Total Dissolved Solids – 3920ppm
      Calcium Hardness – 480ppm
      CYA – 0ppm

      Ending Chemistry

      Total Dissolved Solids – 1000ppm
      Calcium Hardness – 150ppm
      CYA – 0ppm

      The chemistry in the pool wasn’t extremely high but when you have a swimming pool like this they wanted the best possible water in it at all times. We’re excited about the steady growth and look forward to building these trailers for industry leaders out of San Diego in the near future.