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      If you’re a swimming pool owner in the southwest and the southern United States calcium in the fill water causes all sorts of issues in your pool. It can cause scaling along the water line on the decorative tile, it can stain the liner and cause your chlorine usage to increase. It is extremely common for customers to ask us how to remove calcium from their swimming pool water. There are currently two options…..drain and refill or recycling the current water. When you drain your pool the water you fill it up with is already loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals because of the source. Whereas, if you recycle it with our commercial grade reverse osmosis (RO) system you will not only get soft, crystal clear water but water you can actually drink.

      As the temperatures rise, water in the swimming pool evaporates but the hardness minerals stay behind. Over time the water gets so saturated with calcium that it starts visually showing up along the surface of the pool and tile. This an eyesore for swimming pool owners that have water features, rock formations, and dark tile. If you walk into a pool store to have them check your water they will tell you to drain the pool but why waste all that water when the alternative is so much better? Not to mention, because water is at a premium in most parts of the country, you can literally conserve up to 40,000 gallons in a 24 hour period.

      Just the other day our client asked to use our services because their calcium levels were high but they wanted better water than what was coming out of the tap. These are common clients for us along with those that don’t want to waste the water….essentially be “green.”

      Initial Chemistry

      Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – 4016ppm

      Calcium Hardness – 750ppm

      CYA 150ppm

      After filtering this 24,500-gallon pool for 15 hours and conserving 21,000 gallons we left our customer with the following ending chemistry

      Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – 800ppm

      Calcium Hardness – 100pmm (average coming out of the tap is 300ppm)

      CYA – 35ppm

      The moral of the story is Don’t Drain Your Swimming Pool, PuriPool!