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      This seemed to be quite a popular question circulating all over social media yesterday. April 22nd of every year is officially known as Earth Day! It’s a day where we focus on how we reduce, reuse, recycle, replenish and restore. If you find yourself on social media the most popular question is what are you planning on doing today for Earth Day? It’s a great question but rather than celebrating this day once a year we feel strongly about protecting this precious planet every day. There are many companies and individuals that are doing everything they can to be more sustainable and having a day to recognize it is key. More importantly though is how you plan on doing it every day of the year??

      When we started in business a little over three years ago we had a vision to provide a service that was necessary for a majority of swimming pool owners in the south and southwest United States. Our water is extremely hard and loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals. Before us the only option was to drain your pool when total dissolved solids, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid rose. This was not only a huge waste of water but totally unnecessary. We developed a mobile filtration trailer that runs on its own power and is a perfect eco-friendly option to draining a pool. Why drain when you can recycle it or as we like to call it the “PuriPool Process“. We have a dealership model in place where swimming pool professionals can purchase these trailers for business use. Since water conservation is at an all-time high these trailers can be used all over the world. In the past 3 years we’ve conserved 8 million gallons of water in the San Diego area. Honestly, not draining a pool is the largest water conservation act a homeowner can do.

      As we’ve expanded over the years we also offer a variety of sustainable products on our eCommerce site and recommend a variety of green options for the owners of the pools we build. We believe that water conservation is so extremely important not just on Earth Day but every day. It’s a motto we believe in and it’s why we offer a sustainable product that is necessary anywhere where pools are in the area or a drinking water is necessary as these filtration systems can filter up to 40,000 gallons of water a day.