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      In today’s fast paced world customers mean everything but how you keep in touch with them is what makes the difference between your business being a success or failure. Let’s be honest, customers are everything and are the key to keeping your business alive. But what happens when you get a new customer…..is that enough to keep your business running? Do you want referrals? Do you want them to return? If you’re like most businesses, the answer to those questions are typically yes but just providing excellent service usually isn’t enough anymore. It’s typically what you do after you have them as a customer that makes all the difference. The following are a few ideas that we feel are excellent ways to keep in constant contact with your customers.


      Depending on what type of business you have, social media can usually play a large part in keeping in touch with your customer base. Not every business is meant for social but meeting with qualified professionals to determine if it works for you is something that is highly recommended. Facebook is the #2 search engine behind Google so you would have to imagine that having a presence on there would be good. It’s great for contests, surveys, giveaways and customer interaction. The same thing could be said about Twitter where people will want questions answered fast. In this day in age, if I have a problem you can bet I’m not calling an 800 number when I know brands will and should get back to my questions quickly. Not to mention, the increasing popularity of Pinterest which is huge with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Just having a presence on social media isn’t enough….having a plan to meet goals and expectations is what will make it successful.

      2. Thanks You Note

      When is the last time you actually sent a thank you card in the mail to a new or returning customer? This is an art form that is lost but not forgotten. It’s amazing how a simple hand written card is to do but yet leaves quite the impression on a customer when they get it in the mail. These cards should be used when you get a new customer, a referral from a current customer or during the holiday time. Oh and try putting a gift card in there, a referral fee or a lottery ticket and see what happens.

      3. Email Marketing

      If done right this could be a great way to give your customers updates on the latest happenings with your business. Email marketing when not overused or used in a way to constantly flood your customer’s email can be extremely beneficial. Statistically the average opening rate is 10% but if your content is good, you’re offering specials and even highlighting client businesses chances are your click-through opening rates will be higher.

      4. Customer Satisfaction Surveys – you can learn a lot from your customers

      5. Testimonials – this is a perfect way for potential customers to see what other individuals think of your product or service.

      6. Case Studies – this is a great opportunity to share success stories

      7. Events – invite your customers down for presentations, food and drink to get them more involved.

      8. Rewards Programs – putting together programs where your customers can win items for referrals really go a long way and get them excited about sharing your product.

      9. Food – everyone likes food.

      10. Phone Call – don’t underestimate a good old-fashioned phone call when wanting to thank someone.

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