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      As August quickly flies by and Labor Day approaches, the reality of another summer being over starts to settle in. It seems like just yesterday we were gearing up for swim season, backyard BBQ’s and lots of pool time but time is flying by. As cooler temperatures approach it doesn’t take much for the swimming pool water temperature to dip to the point where it’s too cold to get in anymore. If you don’t have a heater why not use a product that can extend swimming pool season by a few weeks? That is possible with EcoSavr Flexible Solutions Liquid Pool Cover.

      Liquid pool covers are environmentally friendly products, and Flexible Solutions encourages a focus on their Green Features:

      • Decrease energy usage in heated swimming pools, conserving resources & saving money
      • Lower water consumption by reducing evaporative loss in swimming pools by up to 50%
      • Reduce waste by replacing placing plastic pool covers with a liquid alternative
      • Support sustainability through the biodegradable products & recyclable packaging
      • Automatic application through the Ecosavr fish or the Automatic Metering System ensures a swimming pool will be covered 24/7 without hassle
      • Liquid coverage allows a swimming pool to be open for use at all times, while continuing to conserve energy, water and heat
      • Using a liquid cover will ensure the aesthetic appeal of your pool scape is never obstructed and always inviting and attractive

      EcoSavr is a small disposable plastic fish containing enough Heatsavr liquid to cover a backyard residential swimming pool at 400 square feet, which is approximately 15,000 gallons, for up to 25-30 days. The product is dispensed through a patented valve in the fin of the EcoSavr and forms a transparent layer of protection of the surface of the swimming pool. The liquid cover reduces evaporation, lowers heating costs, reduces water loss and retains heat overnight. Flexible Solutions’ liquid pool covers are biodegradable and completely safe for all swimmers and pool equipment.

      Liquid Solar Swimming Pool Covers comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your pool and can be purchased at PST Pool Supplies.