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      As fall approaches in the swimming pool industry, the amount of people that drain their swimming pools due to hard water issues increases substantially. When outside temperatures drop below 90 degrees it’s safer to drain a swimming pool because of the chances of cracking the foundation due to heat lower. In the Southwest where the fill water is loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals, it’s recommended to change out your water every 1-2 years to prevent calcium staining on the tile, walls of the pool and the destroying of filters and pumps.

      If you’re not familiar with hard water, it runs rampant throughout the Southwest and ruins not only swimming pools but decorative water features in the house as well. It’s literally a nightmare especially if you’re not prepared for it. In the swimming pool industry, you will hear terms like your total dissolved solids are too high, the solids in your pool water are too high or the calcium in your swimming pool water is too high and it’s time to drain it. That’s the stigma that we’re trying to change at Pool Services Technologies and we hope it catches on everywhere. About 5 years ago we developed a mobile filtration trailer that would recycle swimming pool water with the hopes that you would never have to drain your pool again. We’re primarily working in the San Diego area and are creeping up on a total of 10 million gallons conserved. During this time we’ve also put together a dealership model which has gained interest in the U.S. and world. If you’re curious as to how it works, you can watch this short 2-minute video.

      The bottom line is there are options out there when it’s time to change out your swimming pool water and with water being scarce in many places we feel our service is the only option. Some of the benefits of our mobile filtration service (PuriPool) are:

      • Quicker than a drain and refill
      • Saves time, money and water
      • Leaves you with better water than what’s coming out of the tap
      • Increases the lifespan of the pool, pumps and other equipment

      We are extremely passionate about sustainability and feel this option is the right way to go for many reasons. So we ask that the next time someone says you need to drain your pool, please remember that “PuriPool” is the best option.