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      It has been a little over five years since Pure Water Industries opened its doors in the San Diego area. We initially started out with our unique “PuriPool Process” which is an alternative to draining swimming pools due to high hardness levels in the swimming pool. Bruce Wettstein who is the President of Pool Services Technologies has been building swimming pools for quite some time which we implemented and then finally we opened an eCommerce division as well. These three divisions have been doing extremely well and we are happy with the growth but it always seemed like something was missing.  What that is you might ask??? Well, in the beginning, weekly pool service and maintenance was not on our immediate radar but after numerous requests from current customers it seemed like the most logical division to open up next.

      From a marketing aspect, it makes perfect sense. Constantly being in backyards with swimming pools keeps us in the forefront of our customer’s mind and since we have a variety of services the goal is to gain their trust so we can take care of all aspects of their swimming pool. Not to mention we were regularly getting requests from our current “PuriPool” customers on why we didn’t offer weekly service and maintenance? As of right now, we are just servicing swimming pools in the San Diego area. The following is a list of services that are included in our weekly service:

      1. Brushing the tile line and sides of the swimming pool
      2. Brushing the steps, islands, benches and love seats
      3. Removal of all debris on the surface of the pool and on the floor as well
      4. Empty the skimmer and pump baskets
      5. Checking water chemistry
      6. Adjusting all chemicals that are necessary
      7. Visual inspection of all filter equipment and pumps/motors in search for leaks.
      8. Backwash as necessary

      As a company that prides itself on a higher level of water chemistry knowledge, this plays a vital role in making sure the swimming pool is operating at its best at all times. This also allows us to make any suggestions necessary when the pool is not operating at maximum efficiency. Our knowledge goes beyond just chemistry and we have the ability to make repairs to all swimming pool equipment as well. Pure Water Industries considers itself to be the VIP in pool service by providing you will all the services necessary to feel safe when hiring us so in the end, you can use your swimming pool for what it was intended for…..swimming!

      With that said, if you want a clean swimming pool with properly adjusted chemistry along with the best quality of water at all times then please give us a call today.