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      This is quite the popular question we get several times a day. Depending on where you live recycling to reclaim the current water in your swimming pool is a valid option. In the Southwest portion of the United States, the fill water for swimming pools is loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals and even though some calcium is recommended for your pool (150-250ppm) as water evaporates these numbers climb. When more and more calcium is introduced into the water, it begins to show up on the liner, the water tile line and in the pool equipment. Calcium becomes a nightmare for swimming pool owners because it ruins the decorative tile and poses water chemistry issues as well.

      When this happens you only have two options, you can drain the swimming pool and fill it up with hard water again or you can recycle the swimming pool water which literally adds drinking water back into the pool. If you decide to drain the swimming pool it not only wastes the water in the pool but also wastes the amount of water that it takes to put back into the swimming pool. It can be a painstaking 2-3 day process, you lose hours that you could be swimming and as stated above, the fill water is already loaded with calcium levels that are higher than the recommendation. Instead, you can choose to recycle the swimming pool water which is a great alternative to draining by using reverse osmosis to filter out all the contaminants and conserve 85% of the water.

      We have designed a mobile filtration system which allows us to pull up to your house, drop a suction and return line into the swimming pool and filter out the calcium, CYA, total dissolved solids, salts and other hardness minerals without draining the pool. There are several reasons why this is the best solution for your swimming pool:

      • You can swim in the pool while it’s filtering
      • This process usually takes less than 24 hours
      • You don’t expose any of the liner (this can lead to cracks)
      • Water conservation (we have conserved more than 12 million gallons so far)
      • No need to rent a pump and have to be watching the pool while this happens
      • You can drink the water that’s returning to the pool
      • Increases the lifespan of the pool, pumps, and liners if done every 2 years
      • Saves money on chemicals
      • Water is soft and more fun to swim in

      Typically, recycling your swimming pool costs a little bit more than a drain a refill but this process saves you time and money not to mention makes your swim experience much better without all those hardness minerals in the water. Inquire today to find out how you can have your pool recycled in the San Diego or Dallas area. You can also purchase these trailers through our dealership program as well. If you’re curious as to how the process works, you can watch this short 2-minute video.