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      Everyone likes to spend a nice relaxing day by the swimming pool. Especially if it’s a very warm day and you want to cool down a bit in the freshening water. Imagine lying on your air mattress and enjoying the sun, while the cool water is helping you freshen up and relax. Sounds incredible. However, to experience this nice feeling, it’s necessary to maintain a clean swimming pool, otherwise spending time in it won’t be as pleasant as expected. To take good care of a swimming pool, there are several things you have to take into account, such as clearing up the water and removing rubbish from the pump and skimmer baskets. These tasks are extremely important for the overall care of your swimming pool and have to be done on a regular basis if you want to make sure that the swimming pool is hygienic. Baskets have to be un-clogged and cleaned regularly in order to allow the pump to work properly and to boost its performance rather than put at risk. Here are some essential tips on how to maintain the skimmer and pump baskets of your pool, so that it’s clean and offers a positive experience.


      How To Clean The Pump Basket

      Cleaning of a pump basket is extremely important for the life of the pump. If the basket is clogged, this usually results in bad performance of the pump, which then stops to circulate properly the water in the swimming pool. This, in its turn, means that the water can’t be filtered and it becomes very dirty, also damaging the pump itself. In the end, a clogged basket leaves a broken pump and a dirty swimming pool. To make sure that the water is clean and the pump operates properly, you have to clean the pump basket regularly and remove debris from it that can otherwise clog it and cause many problems. Full cleaning in W6 require to follow these simple steps. Turn the heater off and wait about ten minutes for it to cool down. Then turn the pump off as well. Close the skimmer valve and the main drain valve. Put the filter valve to a closed position. Take off the lid of the pump and take the basket out. Remove all rubbish from it and then clean it with a hose for better results. Make sure that no debris are stuck there and all of them are removed. Check the basket well and see if there are any damages. If so, replace it with a new one. Then install it back to its place and put the lid back but be careful not to tighten it too hard because it might break. Open the filter valve, the main drain valve and turn the pump on. Put the filter valve to an open position. If you decide, turn the heater and the cleaner pump on as well.


      How To Clean Skimmer Basket

      Just as with the pump basket, the skimmer basket needs to be cleaned regularly as well. A clogged skimmer basket can lower the performance of the skimmer and result in a dirty swimming pool. Cleaning of skimmer baskets is very easy and can be done in a few minutes. To do it, start by turning the pump off. Then remove the lid of the skimmer and take out the basket. Empty it from rubbish, as probably most of it will be leaves that are stuck in there. Wash the basket with a hose to make sure it’s free of debris and install back to its place. Put the lid back on and turn the pump on.

      Article written by Olivia Moore