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      For those of you who regularly read our blog, you are well aware of our signature service…”The PuriPool Process.” This process of recycling swimming pool water to remove calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, cyanuric acid, phosphates and other harmful contaminants from the swimming pool started about five years ago. With a little bit of research, a lot of trial and error and some more tweaks we have perfected a way to not only provide safe swimming pool water for homeowners and commercial property owners but also a way to save a lot of water along the way. About a month ago we eclipsed saving the San Diego area more than 13 million gallons of water. Saving this kind of water is especially newsworthy during a time where drought conditions are in effect in California and news about water conservation is discussed every day.

      In the South and Southwest U.S., our fill water is extremely hard and loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals. Over time this calcium hardness builds upon the liner of the pool, the tile, the plumbing and all equipment causing significant damage to the swimming pool. Typically, when this happens most swimming pool owners were told to drain their swimming pools and fill them up with the hard water from the tap. We saw this as a problem that needed to be addressed so we manufactured mobile filtration trailers for the swimming pool that could not only remove those harsh contaminants from the swimming pool but also conserve the water as well. After a couple of years of performing our signature “PuriPool Process,” we put together a very simple dealership model in hopes that other swimming pool companies around the United States would be interested in adding this service to their existing business. Currently, we have two different size mobile filtration trailers that can be purchased in our service provider model.

      The inquiries about our dealership model are still coming in, typically 4-6 per month depending on the season. For us it’s exciting to see this become a reality because unless there is structural damage we feel strongly that there is no need to drain a swimming pool ever.

      Thanks to Jody Christensen from Mirage Pools in Lake Havasu, AZ. for being our latest dealer. Jody took his new RO trailer back to offer the Puripool Process to folks in his area. If anyone in his area is struggling with hard water or excess minerals, give Jody a call and have him show you what he can do! You will love your pool again once he has treated you to the Puripool Process! Thanks again Jody, we look forward to a very successful business partnership.

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