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      Ozone generators are becoming more and more popular not only for residential swimming pools but commercial pools as well. There are a lot of benefits of owning a ozone generator but one of the biggest is water comfort. Many swimming pool owners have to deal with red eyes, rashes, faded swim suits, dryness and the smell of chlorine when you get out of a swimming pool. With ozone generators, that is a thing of the past. By using an ozone generator you are also going to be able to get rid of the chlorine smell in the water, not to mention less chlorine gasses that are emitted into the air as well as less wear and tear on the swimming pool.

      Benefits of Ozone Generators

      • Improved water quality
      • Improved water clarity
      • Reduce chlorine usage and consumption
      • Kills up to 99% of microorganisms
      • Minimized operating and maintenance costs
      • Less wear and tear of the swimming pool and pool equipment
      • No unpleasant chemical odors
      • Will not irritate your eyes, dry out your skin of fade swimsuits
      • Eliminates oils, lotions and other contaminants
      • Less energy costs

      The bottom line is you will have a much healthier environment to swim in with an ozone generator. It kills bacteria and viruses which can cause a variety of illnesses to humans. It will also leave you with crystal clear water that everyone will enjoy swimming in.

      If you’re interested in learning more about them or in purchasing, you can buy Ozonators for Swimming Pool.