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      Calcium Hardness Removal in San Diego

      If you live in an area with high levels of Calcium Hardness, it will destroy your swimming pool. As an owner of a residential or commercial swimming pool in the San Diego area, you are going to have to deal with high levels of Calcium Hardness in your swimming pool. This is a direct result of our tap water which is loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals. Since we live in an area with higher than normal levels of hardness minerals you need to be concerned about what it is doing to your swimming pool. Did you know that the reason you have scaling on your showerheads, countertops, and water features in your house is that of calcium? Most people understand that but when it comes to hard water they usually don’t think about their swimming pool. That’s why at Pure Water Industries we offer a service to you that can help with the challenges that high levels of Calcium Hardness cause.

      When your pool water evaporates and you or your automatic refill adds our hard water to it, it adds more calcium. This occurs because as the water evaporates, the calcium and other hardness minerals remain in the solution and gradually increase in concentration. When this happens calcium will scale on your water tile line, interior finish, filtration equipment, decorative water features, and spillways. Calcium will also scale your plumbing which can cause filtration issues as well. As a swimming pool owner, this should concern you because when calcium and other hardness minerals scale your equipment it can be extremely expensive to fix and remove. In addition, if you have a saltwater chlorinator when scaling occurs, it can prevent it from functioning. When it comes to Calcium Hardness, the standard recommendation is to have between 200-400 parts per million (ppm) but it isn’t uncommon as years go by to have 1,000ppm and higher in your pool if you don’t change out the water.

      The Puripool Process

      That’s why at Pure Water Industries we recommend lowering/removing the calcium in the water every two years. If you want to prevent expensive fixes down the road you will want to recycle your swimming pool water every two years. This service, which is available to residential and commercial swimming pool owners uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration to lower Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), phosphates, waterborne diseases and so much more without draining the pool. Just last week we filtered a 24,000-gallon saltwater swimming pool with high calcium. The water chemistry was as follows:

      Calcium Hardness – 720 ppm

      TDS – 8136 ppm

      CYA – 100 ppm

      After filtering this swimming pool we were able to conserve 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool and leave them with the following ending chemistry:

      Calcium Hardness – 120 ppm

      TDS – 2032 ppm

      CYA – 0 ppm

      From the numbers above our goal is to give you better than tap water and it was achieved. If you’re curious about how you can be swimming in the best water quality today, please contact us to schedule an appointment.