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      It’s time to start prioritizing your backyard swimming pool since temperatures are warming up and swim season is just around the corner!

      That is why we created this blog and checklist of the most important items to get you started…….

      Step 1: Clear the water of any debris

      Debris can clog up your pool filter and make it challenging to clean the water. Use a skimmer net to remove any leaves, twigs, or other debris from the surface of the water. You can also use a pool vacuum to get rid of dirt or sand that settled at the bottom of the pool.

      Step 2: Brush, Brush, Brush

      Grab your brush and make sure to brush the steps, benches, tile, and interior finish of the swimming pool. This will loosen up dust and dirt so it can be filtered out. This also prevents staining of the interior finish.

      Step 3: Clean the pool filter

      The pool filter is one of the essential parts of the pool maintenance process. It’s responsible for removing debris and contaminants from the water, so it’s necessary to clean it regularly. Whether you use a DE filter or a cartridge filter now is a good time to clean those filters or grids. If you happen to have a sand filter make sure to inspect the sand for deficits or clumps.


      Step 4: Check the water level and pH balance

      Before doing anything else, it’s essential to check your pool’s water level and pH balance. The water level should be at least two inches below the top of the skimmer weir box, and the pH should be between 7.4 and 7.8.

      Step 5: Test for chlorine levels

      Chlorine is essential for keeping your pool clean and safe, so it’s vital to test its levels regularly. The ideal chlorine level is 1-3 parts per million (ppm). If the chlorine level is too low, add liquid chlorine to increase the levels which really should be between 3 – 5ppm as the water gets warmer.

      Step 6: Balance the alkalinity levels

      Alkalinity is a measure of the buffering ability of your pool water. If the alkalinity levels are too high, it can be challenging to maintain the pH balance of the pool. You can adjust the alkalinity levels by adding baking soda or muriatic acid to the pool filter.

      You Can Always Rely On A Professional

      Spring is the time to give your pool some much-needed attention. By following this checklist, you can ensure that your pool is ready for summer swimming. If that proves too much for you, or you simply have no time to care for your pool, you can always rely on a professional to help you.

      Pure Water Industries knows many pool professionals that can offer cleaning and ensuring your equipment is in top condition. If you’re interested in our services, get in touch with us today, and our team will be happy to help you.