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      Making Pool Water Chemistry Simple and Easy

      Imagine swimming in water that has been softened, descaled, pH balanced, and sanitized all without the need for harsh chemicals, toxic additives, corrosive salt water, or dangerous irritants. The Chlorine Genie can help you fill your pool with the Ultimate Water. The Chlorine Genie is a stand-alone piece of equipment that works together with your pump, filter, and heater. It is one of the 4 core pieces of equipment that should be installed on every pool. To learn more about the system check out our options below.

      How To Properly Install Your Chlorine Genie

      The CHLORINE GENIE easily fits in with your existing pool equipment. With a footprint about the same size as a pump, filter, or heater, the Chlorine Genie can be placed almost anywhere. The only requirements for a proper installation are:

      • A level base above the level of the pool water in a well-ventilated area
      • Within 50 feet of a freshwater supply
      • Within 12 feet of a GFCI protected 110v-120v outlet
      • Within 10 feet of the pool pump

      Once the Chlorine Genie is installed, just add salt, turn on the water, plug the unit in, and chlorine production is automatic. Detailed installation instructions can be found in the Installation Manual. To learn more about how the Chlorine Genie works and how to configure it for your pool, please refer to the User’s Guide!

      • Genie uses softened tap water, so cells stay cleaner… requiring less service.
      • Genie’s salt goes right into the brine tank… not in the pool.
      • Genie uses a small amount of tap water… not hard pool water.
      • Genie manufactures its own acid and base products…eliminating pH problems.
      • Genie makes chlorine every day… reducing pump run times and energy consumption.

      It is possible with ordering the Chlorine Genie that you can have a natural swimming pool free of chlorine tabs, liquid chlorine, and shock within hours. They are simple to install and simple to use. Due to the chlorine shortage, this product will make owning a swimming pool much easier. To learn more about the system please feel free to contact us today!